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What's the webinar about?

Based on the 2019 Online College Students Report, this webinar focuses on the latest trends and preferences of recent, current, and prospective online students. Gain important insights that will help you find, attract and enroll more students for your online programs. 

The webinar explores

  • Why students are enrolling in online programs
  • The skill sets most desired by today's online students
  • Demographic and Psychographic trends in online college students
  • Ways your institution can leverage these trends to help you stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace
  • ...and much more!

Who is this webinar for:

Higher education program and Enrollment Management leaders seeking to expand enrollments in online and non-traditional higher education programs, and those seeking to understand how the online college student population is changing over time. 

Carol Aslanian
Founder & President
Aslanian Market Research, a Division of

Carol is a national authority on the characteristics and learning patterns of adult students and has given hundreds of presentations on the topic and led market research projects for more than 200 colleges, universities, and educational agencies.

Carol holds degrees from Cornell University and Harvard University. She served as Director of the Office of Adult Learning Services at the College Board for more than 20 years, and also helped the Board enhance its services to community colleges. Carol also has served on the boards or committees of numerous groups, including the American Marketing Association, the Nontraditional Students Report Board of Advisors and Elderhostel.