What's the webinar about?

To increase enrollments, you need a dynamic marketing strategy that helps you find and convert potential students across different platforms and over time.

Chris Mahoney will teach you how to plan, invest and execute a multi-channel marketing campaign that is personalized and effective for your institution.

You'll learn how to:

  • Identify your audience and what channels they frequent
  • Craft a unique message
  • Build a budget and campaign launch strategy
  • Establish and report on relevant KPI's

    ...and much more!

Chris Mahoney
Senior Director of Marketing, Enrollment Management Services

Chris is responsible for leading EducationDynamics' Enrollment Management Solutions marketing group, which focuses on full-service direct marketing and branding on behalf of EducationDynamics client institutions. His main focus is partnering with institutions for the successful development, execution and management of highly customized, multichannel direct marketing campaigns for schools seeking to enhance their enrollment numbers and brand standing.

Chris has spent his career in the digital media and online higher education field. He has held various leadership roles within EducationDynamics prior to taking the helm of the agency marketing group. Prior to joining EducationDynamics, he served as the Director of Search Engine Marketing at Folica, Inc., a leading ecommerce health and beauty retailer.

He holds a BS in Business Administration from Manhattan College.