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What's in the Report?

This annual report, produced by EducationDynamics and The Learning House, details a nationwide survey of 1,500 prospective and enrolled online students, from recruitment to graduation, and provides recommendations on how to attract and serve these students.

You'll learn:

  • "Who" online students are
  • "What" their preferences for online learning are, and more importantly, "why"
  • "Where" online students typically reside, relative to their institution
  • The skills sets online students most desire and believe that employers desire
  • Ways your institution can best serve the online audience and STAND OUT in an increasingly crowded marketplace
    ...and much more!

About Aslanian Market Research

Aslanian Market Research (the market research unit of EducationDynamics) conducts market demand studies, institutional audits, program and marketing reviews, and professional development conferences for colleges and universities seeking information and data on how to expand adult, post-traditional, and online student enrollments. Throughout the last 25 years, its staff has worked with hundreds of colleges and universities of all types — public, private, large, small, rural, suburban, and urban — in every region of the U.S. Its seminars have provided thousands of college administrators with practical, hands-on tactics that they can implement at their institutions at minimal cost for maximum impact.

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