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What's the Webinar About?

This webinar will take you through the creation of an adult and veteran focused academic support unit

Presented by Laura Conley and Scott Jeffe, you will learn strategies to ensure you are assisting adult and veterans students as they transition into your university.

What You'll Learn?

  • What type of support opportunities should you offer your adult/veteran students
  • How to collaborate internally to achieve your goals
  • How to collaborate externally to achieve your goals
  • How to retrieve and retain reentry students

    ...and much more!
Laura Conley
Laura Conley
Director of Adult Focus 

Laura is the Director of Adult Focus at The University of Akron, an academic support unit charged with assisting adult and veteran students as they transition into The University of Akron through to graduation; providing specialized preadmission, continuing and re-entry advising, advocacy, programming, scholarship opportunities and study space. She is also a founding member of the Veterans Steering Committee.
Scott Jeffe
Scott Jeffe
Senior Director of Market Research

Scott has more than 18 years of higher education research experience. In his current position, he is responsible for institutional market research studies, professional development seminars, and national research projects on adult and online students learning patterns. He has managed research projects for more than 100 colleges and universities and has researched and planned more than 40 professional development programs designed for college administrators.