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What's the Webinar About?

This webinar explores three ways to ensure that you build strong adult-centered teams. 

Presented by Lisa Gallina and Scott Jeffe, you will learn strategies for building an orginization to help you acheive your adult enrollment goals. 

What You'll Learn?

  • How to retrain people you inherit
  • How to locate new staff for your programs 
  • What skills are necessary for your teams
  • Where to recruit the best new employees

    ...and much more!
Lisa Gallina
Lisa Gallina
Director of Admissions 

Lisa is the Director of Admissions for Graduate Programs and Ault Degree Completion at Mount Saint Mary College. In this role she provides overall leadership to the team that recruits and retains adult and graduate students at Mount Saint Mary College. Lisa also oversees the college’s programs for veterans at West Point and Stewart Air Force Base, and the community education program at the Mount Saint Mary College Desmond Campus. 

Scott Jeffe
Scott Jeffe
Senior Director of Market Research

Scott has more than 18 years of higher education research experience. In his current position, he is responsible for institutional market research studies, professional development seminars, and national research projects on adult and online students learning patterns. He has managed research projects for more than 100 colleges and universities and has researched and planned more than 40 professional development programs designed for college administrators.