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What's the Webinar About?

This webinar explores how to develop an effective communication strategy for turning prospects into enrollments

Presented by Mickey Baines and Scott Jeffe, you will learn tactics for following-up with a new prospect and ideas for improving your initial outreach.

What You'll Learn?

  • An effective follow-up strategy
  • What to say during initial contact
  • When to send an email and when to make a phone call
  • The best cadence for your follow-ups

    ...and much more!
Mickey Baines
Mickey Baines
Founder and President

Mickey spent almost a decade leading the enrollment management operations of a successful private college in Eastern Pennsylvania with a heavy focus on adult students. In his current role at Fourth Dimension Partners, Mickey has taken the lessons he’s learned, and is working with colleges and universities to help develop strategies to build and grow their enrollments. Mickey is a frequent presenter on topics covering marketing, recruitment, advertising and customer service within higher education at conferences all over the country.

Scott Jeffe
Scott Jeffe
Senior Director of Market Research

Scott has more than 18 years of higher education research experience. In his current position, he is responsible for institutional market research studies, professional development seminars, and national research projects on adult and online students learning patterns. He has managed research projects for more than 100 colleges and universities and has researched and planned more than 40 professional development programs designed for college administrators.